Roleplay Rules.

There are some basic rules that you will follow to play in the game:

-Do not make the God-mode.

Your character only can know what it really knows about his concernig, a sim cant use cheats or simple skip his own limitations like abuse of actions (your sim cant train a skill all the day, because it needs satisfy firts his moods)

-Do not metagame.

You cant perform actions that will change the logic and normal development of the game, you cant kill npcs or you cant do things youre no supposed to do, like affect the other characters playability.

-Do not auto do all actions.

You cant say you do something without having upload a picture or the element that show you get that progress, this is about play in game you cant skip the sims normal life steps.

-Do not lorebreak.

You cant say to anyone that you do something and that will affect him, also can not say that the things other character of another made will affect you.

Role-play is about creativity and while these rules are not just needed they can at times during very deep and important role-play points be a bit constricting.