About Us

The project leader and his main contributor decides to start this project aiming to share it with all the community based on a unique interesting idea about playing The Sims in kind different way.

The Sims has been released so much years ago, but now is more alive than never...

Our users

Lead Project, francot514 is the main responsible of Sims Ville Roleplay.

Lead Project, Damon Damore, is the main colaborator.

Web Master, salvadorc17 is the main contributor.


If you want to contact us and make some questions, you can use this information.

Francot514: francot514@hotmail.com


Damon Damore: damonvd@leadpipecollection.net


salvadorc17: salvadorc17@hotmail.com


History of project

-Nov 18th 2013. We decide to open the project to the community.