1. Sims Ville Roleplay Manager.

Login= Please register and login to get acess to the file manager, see 4. 

1. 1 File.

Update the program: Get you latest version of program.

Start Game: Start your game, please select firts game path where sims.exe is located.


1. 2 Players.

Characters: Start the character manager, that show you all info about characters.

Neighborhood: Start the neighborhood manager, that show info about all locations.

Chat: Start the chat, firts version is bugged, please be patient.

1. 3 Events.

Challenges: Open the preview challenge window, you can go to challenge page in forums.

Contest: Open the preview contest window, you can go to contest page in forums.

1. 4 Other.

Contributor: Open the contributor webpage.

File Server: Open the file server pubs page.

1. 5 Sims Ville Updater.

Open  the Sims Ville Updater, that allows you to update custom content to the server.

1. 6 About.

Webpage and forums references.

2. Character Manager.

2.1 Player Information.

Show all the player information about house, job and money.

2.2 File Manager.

Download all player files in game using File Manager, then close it.

3. Neighborhood Manager.

3. 1 House Icons.

Select house icon the see a tooltip about it.

3. 2 House Preview.

Click in a house icon will show you a preview of the house.

3. 3 File Manager.

Download the selected house or previewed house in File Manager. 

Main Menu = Go back to the main program screen.

4. File Manager.

4.1 Files.

Select the user files to upload, only avaliable if you logged in.

4.2 Path.

Select destination folder of the files you will download.

4.3 Upload

Upload selected files in the user list box, only logged in.

4.4 Download

Download the files you have previusly selected or the ones you select in user list box.

5. Chat.

Beta chat must contain bugs, use it to interact with other players, you must be logged in to store your username in chat.

6. Sims Ville Roleplay Updater.

Use this for update packages of content in RAR files, also for download all userdata.exe setup.


Remember: Always when you finished played you need to upload your userfiles by logged in and use file manager.