Welcome to Sims Ville Roleplay

Welcome to our new site about the roleplay based on the popular game of PC The Sims, created by Maxis in 2000 year. Here you will experience a new way to play the game and share it with the community.


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Sims Ville Roleplay released!

Today November 18th 2013, we are happy to anounce Sims Ville Roleplay is officialy opened to all the game community.

Note: To use Sims Ville Roleplay you will need Dropbox account.


What is Sims Ville Roleplay?

Play the game and interact with other people.

This is a community game about playing the sims and perform certain actions that you will share with the community, and which will allow the simultaneous development of the gaming experience in a neighborhood created with sims of the entire community.

What do you need to play?

-The Sims game and all his expansion pack, or almost Unleashed, House Party, Hot Date and Vacations.

-You need to download custom neighborhood and custom elements that game will use.

-You need to be able to upload files and screenshoots, or photos to the game site.

-Only language permitted will be English.

Basic Rules.

-The player must choice only one sim to start the game, and must upload it, with all the references like interest, personality and job wishes.

-The player living with another players in same lot will be only avaliable to perform actions with his own character and cant do anything that affect the other players characters, without his permission.

-The player must perform actions based on game time, like a day in game will a day in real life.
(Perform go work action will take 8 hours long)

-The player cannot usse cheats to get money, need to work to buy all objects and need to buy a home to get his own family.

-Almost all the other rules apply to the normal rpg gaming.

Note: All the info, please read the FAQ or send me a message.

What do you think, sounds interesting, wanna participate?? Make suggestions and prepare for the a new way to play The Sims.